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Image by Malachi Brooks


Joshua Blanchard - Founder/President


A curious pursuit to build started with a childhood lego obsession. 


Papa’s 6-in-1 hammer/screwdriver quickly became a favorite toy.


A high school art mentor provided the pathway that led to a life long passion for photography. 


The path towards filmmaking led Josh to Emerson College in Boston to pursing filmmaking. After graduation and relocating to Los Angeles, Josh began his career working in the entertainment industry as a Commercial Art Director and Photographer.

While bike riding through Venice in 1998, a small dilapidated duplex with a for sale sign caught his eye. The home was complete with a sofa on the front sidewalk and auto parts piled higher than the roof line. He gutted the house to its original 1925 frame and began to create. A love to build, often without plans, rather just an idea, the home quickly became the impetus for an emerging career in construction.


While dividing time working as a commercial photographer for Getty Images and residential developer with Endgrain Design-Build Inc., Josh was able to gain experience as a home builder in Los Angeles. Yet, it was the time spent working as a photographer with Habitat for Humanity Los Angeles that inspired an idea, a purpose and a desire to give back.


Josh still lives in that same Venice house with his wife and two red headed children.

Zachary Hoevet - Design Director

Zachary received his Master's degree from SCI_Arc in 2007.   Zachary has been a designer, fabricator, and builder, and project manager throughout his professional career.  He has worked on both Type V Residential projects as well as major infrastructure projects throughout Southern California.  He has had the good fortune to have been able to study and work not only in this country, but oversees in Southeast Asia as well.  He has specialized in working with locally sourced materials and various building technologies. 

He prides himself on his ability to create good design, manage the process of building, while maintaining his credentials as a designer, craftsman, and builder.


Robert LaPorta Jr. - Content Director/Design Associate


Robert has a multidisciplinary background with work as an artist, editor, producer, animator, architect and actor. In 2000 he joined Lost Glove Film Productions to co-produce and star in the “absurdist curio” One Man’s Ceiling which premiered at the inaugural Tribeca Film Festival in New York and in the Berlin Film Market. His short animated piece, “The Long Walk”, an old school stop-motion graphic response to the 911 tragedy, also screened at the same festival.

His editing and design clients range from the Corporate sector to the Non-Profit and Educational arena and often into the online promotional/blog entrepreneur world.
Robert re
ceived his Masters in Architecture from SCIarc, The Southern California Institute of Architecture.

He is currently focused on designing, fabricating, and installing large private and public sculptures. He also builds and designs furniture, children’s play structures, and shelter shacks.

He is married with two boys and lives exclusively by the simple motto: bcnaf

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