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Forest Fire

About Us

In 2018, the Camp Fire was the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in California’s history. It was the most expensive natural disaster in the world in 2018 in terms of insured losses. The entire town of Paradise was gone in less than 4 hours, along with 85 lives. In 2021, the Dixie and Caldor Fire(s) picked up where the Camp Fire left off. The towns of Greenville, Indian Valley and Grizzly Flats, respectively, were wiped off the map. Now Oregon, Washington, Montana and other Western states are all experiencing similar situations. As each new community is threatened each year, insurance companies are refusing to bind policies, leaving many home owners vulnerable.

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We have selected Paradise, CA as the build site for out first Case Studies. Working closely with the Paradise Redevelopment Agency, we have  begun the design selection process from families who lost their home in the Camp Fire and wish to stay to rebuild the community.  We will  document he entire process from design development to handing the keys to the new owner(s)  and shared through our YouTube and Instagram Channels.

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Our homes have a minimum 4 hour fire rating. The exterior shell has been designed to protect, using all non-combustible materials.  We have eliminated the need for traditional wood framing by using  ICF Block (Insulated Concrete Forms). Roof and attics, where most blazes typically begin, have been redesigned so wind blown embers cannot penetrate the building envelop.  Additionally, critical door and window openings that often fail under extreme heat are protected by sliding barn door steel panels that move into place in the event of a fire. One by one our homes will begin to appear across the western United States until a Brave New Build certified home is synonymous with safety, integrity and insurability. 

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